Backflow Preventer Testing

Don’t know how to test a backflow preventer?  That’s ok, because we do!

If you think backflow is some type of dance move, you may need to contact Dawnix. It’s not only undesirable, it can be downright dangerous. We know the last thing any municipality or business would want is for its potable water to come into contact with some type of pollution or contamination from another water or wastewater source.

Backflow preventers do exactly what they sound like they would do – that is until there is a problem. At Dawnix, we understand the causes of backflow preventer problems and know how to test and fix them. Even better, we understand than an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We can do your annual backflow preventer test and ensure it’s in good working order and doing exactly what it’s meant to do. A quick test by the experts at Dawnix will give you the peace of mind your organization needs.

Experienced. Family-owned. Yukon-based

More than 15 years of experience
Indigenous owned and operated
BCWWA and EOCP-certified husband and wife team
Serving many Yukon communities and some in northern B.C.
Hundreds of satisfied customers
Quick turnaround time
Why Test Your Backflow Preventer?
  • Meet your water safety requirements
  • Prevent contamination between your water supply and wastewater
  • Protect your drinking water
  • Respond to water system changes
  • Be reassured by experienced and certified professionals
  • Support a Yukon-based, Indigenous-owned business
How long will it take to complete a backflow preventer test?

Our certified and experienced professionals can conduct a backflow prevention test in under half an hour.

What would happen to make my backflow preventer stop working?

Any number of events that change the flow or pressure of water. This could include internal mechanisms, check valves, seals, or o-rings.

How often should I get my backflow preventer tested?

At Dawnix, we recommend testing your backflow preventer at least once a year or upon new installation.

Amazing people with a great work ethic, reliable and trust worthy - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Had our tank and my parents tank cleaned this last week it was Disgusting but after the water tastes way fresher and literally looks cleaner! Booked them in again for next year already lol

Lisa McCallum

Amazing professional services from start to finish! Super easy to contact and book. We received a booking appt confirmation with regular follow up once on route. Georgina and Jon were extremely knowledgeable and well prepared to ensure a job well done. Even sent us follow up pictures of before and after. Very impressed and highly recommend! Thank you!

Donna Moore

We just had our water tank done, Amazing service! quick and friendly 😊 Definitely recommend these awesome people to anyone who needs their water tanks cleaned.

Dawn Lexia