Well Shocking

Bid bye-bye to bacteria!

Yukon regulations require all privately owned wells to be shocked if the presence of bacteria or coliforms have been detected, or there have been any upgrades to the equipment or installed equipment. Whether it happens through extreme weather events, time, or some other kind of damage, it’s important to keep your drinking water clean and free of contaminants. 

At Dawnix, we have the certifications, the know-how, and the experience to do well shock treatment to rid your water well of harmful pathogens. We are well-versed in the use of (and removal of) chlorine bleach chemicals to get the results needed for clean potable water.

We pride ourselves on helping Yukon-based clients keep themselves safe with clean drinking water.

Six reasons it isn’t so shocking that wells need to be shocked:

  • Drinking water systems sometimes get contaminated. 
  • It’s “shockingly” easy for bacteria to get into a water system.
  • Extreme weather events can allow contaminants into a water system.
  • Disturbances to your well or plumbing system can allow bacteria to get in.
  • Groundwater can contaminate your well system.
  • Well systems can be contaminated when they are installed.
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Why would I need to shock my well?

Well shocking is a necessary step to ensure the water well is free of contaminants and pathogens.

How often should I have my well shocked?

Wells should be shock chlorinated if there has been some type of disruption (plumbing, weather event) to the well.

How long will it take for my well to be shocked?

We follow the American Waste and Wastewater Association Standards which dictates a minimum of 50 parts per million, it must then sit for 12 hours, and then the well must be flowed until all chlorine has been removed.

Amazing people with a great work ethic, reliable and trust worthy - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Had our tank and my parents tank cleaned this last week it was Disgusting but after the water tastes way fresher and literally looks cleaner! Booked them in again for next year already lol

Lisa McCallum

Amazing professional services from start to finish! Super easy to contact and book. We received a booking appt confirmation with regular follow up once on route. Georgina and Jon were extremely knowledgeable and well prepared to ensure a job well done. Even sent us follow up pictures of before and after. Very impressed and highly recommend! Thank you!

Donna Moore

We just had our water tank done, Amazing service! quick and friendly 😊 Definitely recommend these awesome people to anyone who needs their water tanks cleaned.

Dawn Lexia