Frequently Asked Questions

Since You Were Wondering…
How long will it take for Dawnix to clean my water tank?

We have a quick turnaround and can be in and out in less than two hours.

What areas does Dawnix serve?

We currently serve homes and businesses in the Yukon area but are expanding beyond the Yukon and into Northern British Columbia. Call us today to learn if we service your area.

My water tank is underground? Can Dawnix clean it?

We do have experience cleaning tanks in confined spaces but some tanks are trickier to get into than others. We would need to see the space before providing a quote.

What are your prices?

Our costs are based on the size, condition, and location of the water tank. Travel costs may be added as well. Call us today for a quote!

What is the most common contaminant found in drinking water?

One of the easiest bacteria to come into contact with is E. Coli bacteria. Yucky, but true. It comes from exposure to fecal matter - which can be found in many places, especially in places with animals nearby. If consumed, it can lead to some pretty serious health problems.

My water is dirty. Now what?

Good thing you checked it and called us! As we happen to be water tank cleaning experts, we can get your tank cleaned in no time. Finding out what was in there allows you to figure out how it got in there and prevent it from coming back.

How often should I have my water tank cleaned?

At Dawnix we recommend that cisterns be cleaned at least once a year. Bacteria, sediment and other contaminants can build up over time. If the water changes its smell, look, or taste, it may need to be cleaned more often.

What is your cistern cleaning process?

First, we drain all remaining water from the tank using submersible water pumps. Next, we pressure-rinse the inside of the water tanks with treated water and then coat the inside of the tank with chemical cleaner and let it sit (how long it sits for depends the level of tank staining – maximum of 20 minutes). The next steps are to pressure-rinse off the cleaning solution and vacuum all the leftover rinse water and chemical cleaner. Lastly, we spray a 200-ppm chlorine disinfection solution on everything inside the water tank. Voila! You have a clean tank!

Who should get their water cistern or tank cleaned?

Is your water is smelling a little “funky”? Call us. Is your water looking a little putrid? Call us. Can't remember the last time you had your tank cleaned? Call us. Have you moved into a new residence and you're not sure about the water tank? Call us. If you're just not sure about about the cleanliness of their water tank/ us!