Water Sampling Services

Change is good - unless it's your water

Clean drinking water is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. But how do you know if the water you’re drinking is truly clean? That is where water sampling comes in.  At Dawnix, we can take a portion of your cistern water and send it to a lab to check it for contaminants and other pollutants.

Unfortunately, sludge, sediment, rodents, and bacteria can and do get into water tanks and cisterns. This can happen due to tank damage, extreme weather events, or just time. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to keep your drinking water clean and free of contaminants.

Water Sampling Service

At Dawnix, we have more than 15 years of experience in the water treatment business. With certifications in Water Treatment Levels 1+2, Environmental Operators Certification Program, and as a BC/Yukon Water and Wastewater Association-certified member, you can be confident that when we're done, you'll have clean and safe drinking water.

Dawnix: Helping you learn what's in your tank

Get peace of mind
Learn what's in your drinking water
Support local Yukon-based professionals
Help prevent serious illness
Be confident drinking from your water tank
Trust professional water sampling
My water seems clean. Why sample?

Sometimes drinking water seems clean but a closer analysis can reveal some pretty gross things. There are certain micro-organisms sometimes found in water that can actually be quite dangerous. Everyone knows someone who got "beaver fever" or diarrhea from drinking unclean water but there are other ailments including cholera and typhoid. 

What is the most common contaminant found in drinking water?

One of the easiest bacteria to come into contact with is E. Coli bacteria. Yucky, but true. It comes from exposure to fecal matter - which can be found in many places, especially in places with animals nearby. If consumed, it can lead to some pretty serious health problems.

My water is dirty. Now what?

Good thing you checked it and called us! Dirty water might be a symptom of something other than a dirty tank. However, if it's just the tank that's dirty, we are your water tank cleaning experts and can get your tank cleaned in no time. Finding out what was in there allows you to figure out how it got in there and prevent it from coming back.

Amazing people with a great work ethic, reliable and trust worthy - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Had our tank and my parents tank cleaned this last week it was Disgusting but after the water tastes way fresher and literally looks cleaner! Booked them in again for next year already lol

Lisa McCallum

Amazing professional services from start to finish! Super easy to contact and book. We received a booking appt confirmation with regular follow up once on route. Georgina and Jon were extremely knowledgeable and well prepared to ensure a job well done. Even sent us follow up pictures of before and after. Very impressed and highly recommend! Thank you!

Donna Moore

We just had our water tank done, Amazing service! quick and friendly 😊 Definitely recommend these awesome people to anyone who needs their water tanks cleaned.

Dawn Lexia